TENCEL Boxer Briefs

TENCEL Underwear Is A Popular ModelBuying men’s underwear is not a simple task, but it can become one with TENCEL boxer briefs. It can be quite difficult to discern what type of underwear should be bought for sports, office wear, and casual wear. However, it’s very important for your health that you choose a pair of underwear that suits your needs. Using the wrong pair of boxers can cause rashes and irritation, among other body complications. In line with this, TENCEL boxer briefs are slowly getting recognition for its light, comfortable, and functional fabric. These boxer briefs are making their way from department stores to inside our pants. So, what sets these pairs of boxer briefs apart from other types of fabric? Here’s a guide on everything you need to know about the TENCEL boxer briefs by FRIGO. 

It's What's On The Inside That Counts

Men’s boxer underwear should be two things: snug and relaxed. It should be tight enough to support our manhood but loose enough to let us breathe. If you’re looking for the perfect boxer underwear for every occasion, then you should try the TENCEL boxer briefs by FRIGO. The silky and elastic features of TENCEL boxer briefs make it perfect for sports that involve a lot of running, sweating, and moving around. Also, its stylish yet breathable features make it ideal for both regular office days and for whatever you do at night. 

TENCEL Boxer Briefs Versus Cotton Underwear

The main difference between cotton boxer underwear and TENCEL boxer briefs is the material they are made of. Cotton boxer underwear are woven out of fibers from the pulp of the cotton plant while TENCEL boxer brief garments are regenerated from wood cellulose. Here are some of the main differences between the TENCEL boxer briefs and cotton boxer undergarments:

  • TENCEL Boxer Brief fiber is sustainably sourced from wood cellulose fabric while cotton garments are not.
  • Cotton boxer garments tend to wrinkle easier than TENCEL fiber briefs.
  • Cotton boxer garments easily become loose and saggy which make them lose their tightness. On the other hand, TENCEL boxer briefs do not easily sag and can maintain their tight yet agreeable shape for a longer time.
  • TENCEL boxer briefs are smooth and silky to the touch while cotton garments are fluffy.

Reasons Why TENCEL Boxer Briefs Are Better Than Cotton Undergarments


TENCEL Boxer briefs last longer than cotton-based boxer underwear because of their silky elastic nature. On the other hand, cotton may be soft, but they are easily stretched through daily use and washing. Additionally, TENCEL boxer briefs do not shrink or lose its shape when it’s washed. Would you want your partner to see you wearing wrinkled underwear?


On two different days, try to run wearing TENCEL boxer briefs and cotton underwear on the other. While running, you’ll notice that cotton boxer brief underwear does not fully support your lower section and may cause irritation. Also, you’ll find that your crotch area will be sweatier and smellier when wearing cotton fiber underwear. TENCEL fibers are perfect for activities such as sports that make you sweat and move around. In fact, you’ll find that many TENCEL fiber jerseys are patronized by athletes for its breathability and coolness.

Safe For Sensitive Skin

Many people who are hypoallergenic and are allergic to cotton-based boxer brief underwear. As such, they opt to wear a pair of TENCEL boxer briefs. TENCEL fibers are satisfying on all body types since they’re literally as smooth as silk. These boxers and garments lessen the risk of developing rashes and other body irritations.


TENCEL boxer brief products tend to be more relaxed than cotton boxers because they have a smooth and soft surface. On the other hand, cotton can be rough and soft at the same time. In fact, the smoothness of cotton-based garments tends to decrease after months of using them.

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FRIGO is a brand that offers multiple TENCEL boxer briefs, undergarments, and shirts, among others. Our unrivaled skill in creating cool and breathable TENCEL-based garments is what allowed our name to rise to the top. You can see our full list of products and shop on this site and contact us via this online form.

Before TENCEL Boxer Briefs, How FRIGO Started

Peter Soderstrom, a Swedish inventor, created FRIGO in 2000. FRIGO is a revolutionary athletic undergarment that provides support, comfort, and ventilation to men in high-performance environments.

Upon its release, FRIGO exceeded all expectations. It instantly became popular among Swedish athletes and global sports stars as a non-endorsed item. Numerous sportsmen decided to wear FRIGO gear for a simple reason: it meets their demands. Soon after, they were joined by other professionals and entrepreneurs who enjoyed the performance benefits of FRIGO, may it be on the field or inside the office.

FRIGO’s success eventually garnered a wider audience, so RevolutionWear™ was born. The company was founded out of passion for FRIGO and its possibilities. To make sure that FRIGO’s reputation is upheld, RevolutionWear™ focuses on product integrity, innovation, and performance.

Meet Our Brand Partners, Ambassadors Of The TENCEL Boxer Briefs

“Insanely comfortable. I will never go back.” – 50 Cent

“From the studio to the stage and everywhere in between, my FRIGOs are on.” – Timbaland

“FRIGO is perfect for when I am on the court and off, incredibly comfortable.” – Carmelo Anthony

TENCEL Boxer Briefs - Choose Your Category

When it comes to adjustable underwear for men, FRIGO is among the most trusted names in the world. Whether you are looking for custom-fit boxer briefs or athletic undergarments, we have you covered. We also carry men’s pouch underwear.

TENCEL Boxer Briefs For Everyday Wear

Gone are the days when you have to settle for undergarments that are too loose, too tight, or simply uncomfortable. Upgrade to FRIGO classic underwear.

  • FRIGO CoolMax*

It can be difficult to find high-quality underwear that can be used in any season. At FRIGO, we have the solution! The FRIGO CoolMax can help you stay snug regardless of the weather condition. It will keep you cool on hot days and warm on cold days.

  • FRIGO Modal*

The FRIGO Modal combines our undergarments’ top features and technologies with the outstanding comfort of a modal cotton construction. This boxer brief is manufactured using ultra-soft combed cotton and features our signature ergonomic design, making for an undergarment that you would be happy to wear any day of the week.


The FRIGO MESH is engineered to keep you cool and comfortable all day long. This is the perfect underwear for you if you travel a lot and are always on the move.


This signature FRIGO gear is made with 100% natural fibers to keep you cooler, drier, and more satisfying than traditional underwear. TENCEL is a specialty fiber that features an oceanic skin care complex called “chitosan.” It is 50% more absorbent than cotton and helps promote healthy lifestyles.

Activewear Or TENCEL Boxer Briefs

In addition to athletic shoes and jerseys, FRIGO also offers sports wear that can take your performance to the next level. Whether you are an exercise enthusiast or a professional athlete, our undergarments are ideal for you.

  • FRIGO Sport

This boxer brief is specifically designed to provide you with optimal comfort and support throughout the day. The FRIGO Sport’s micro-stretch construction moves with you, keeping its shape even after numerous washings. 

  • FRIGO CoolMax*

Perform at your best, regardless of the weather. Our CoolMax technology moves moisture away from your body and transfers it throughout the fabric. This process helps keep you cool and dry during hot days. In addition to that, the fiber structures of our CoolMax boxer briefs offer insulation on cold days. 


For men with active lifestyles, regular underwear might not provide enough airflow. Make sure that you stay cool and untroubled with the FRIGO MESH boxer brief.

*These select FRIGO products are available in multipacks. 

Experience TENCEL Boxer Briefs, And The FRIGO Difference For Yourself

If you have been looking for the best customizable undergarments on the market, end your search at FRIGO. Shop and purchase online today or find a list of our official retailers with our store locator. To learn more about TENCEL boxer briefs, and to get some pairs of your own, get in touch with FRIGO as soon as possible!