The FRIGO Zone is more than just a fancy name. It is a patented system not found in any other product on the market. Designed in Sweden, our proprietary system eliminates skin-on-skin contact and – in less than a minute – is custom-tuned to each owner’s unique anatomy. Tune it once, and it remains in place wash after wash. Guaranteed. It’s the one thing to wear when you’re wearing only one thing.

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After substantial testing and countless double blind studies, physical therapists have discovered that FRIGO RevolutionWear provides more comfort, less perspiration, and lasts longer than any undergarment on the market.

When it comes to pure performance FRIGO has been battle tested, by scientists, athletes, and the everyday user. What we have found is that FRIGO, keeps Customers cool, comfortable, and in control no matter the situation.

- Dr. Jerry Charlesworth
PhD Physical Performance Systems



In 2000, Swedish inventor Peter Soderstrom created Frigo®, a revolutionary, patented athletic undergarment providing real comfort, support and ventilation for high-performance environments. The garment exceeded all expectations and instantly enjoyed tremendous popularity and uptake among Swedish athletes and global sports stars as a non-endorsed item. These sportsmen started to wear Frigo® without regard to their day’s schedule and were soon joined by other professionals, businessmen and entrepreneurs, who enjoyed the performance benefits whether on the field or in the office.

Frigo’s success demanded a wider audience, and so, RevolutionWear™ was born, a company that arose out of the love for the product and its possibilities, built on product integrity, innovation and performance. Many patents, prototypes and stories later, Frigo®No1 provides the highest degree of quality, comfort, and support imaginable. We are proud to be associated with this tremendous product and know there’s no turning back on this journey.

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