Mesh Boxer Briefs

Sweat Wicking Mesh UndergarmentsOver the years, mesh boxer briefs have become increasingly popular among all kinds of men. From professional athletes to corporate hotshots, this type of underwear has found itself in the drawers of men who desire both style and comfort. Let’s analyze this interesting trend and determine why mesh boxer briefs have become a hot commodity in the men’s undergarment industry. 

Before Boxers

Even before mesh boxer briefs have become a rising trend, companies have been trying to determine the most appropriate kind of men’s underwear. From unbelievably tight briefs to overly loose boxer shorts, men have been trying out different types of underwear in the hopes of finding one that absolutely suits their needs.           

For the longest time, old style underwear have become a staple among all men. Unfortunately, those cotton garments may be too revealing and provide as much privacy as out-of-fashion Speedo trunks. In addition, conventional briefs can make your groin feel a tad uncomfortable, to say the least.

Men started turning to boxer shorts because of the common issues associated with tight briefs. Not surprisingly, traditional boxers exposed even more problems. For one, the absence of “cuppage” has made them a liability during sports events and other physical activities. Also, boxers never seem to settle down and can give most men moments of discomfort and awkwardness throughout the day.

Modal Boxer Briefs: The Perfect Balance For All Men

After decades of trial and error, a soft spot has been finally discovered, which is boxer briefs. This amazing fusion of standard underwear has proven to be the elusive holy grail of men’s underwear, combining unmatched luxury and practical functionality. Shop now!

The support and stability that mesh boxer briefs offer to all men have been a surprising revelation. They keep your groin area comfortable and do not require discreet, multiple adjustments in a single day. As an added bonus, no other type of underwear can rival the aesthetic effect they bring to the table. Mesh boxer briefs are generally considered to have the best appearance.

Advantages Of Men Wearing Mesh Boxer Briefs

Sports-Friendly: Whether you are a high-performing athlete or a regular gym rat, you can count on mesh boxer briefs to function well even while performing strenuous activities. The mesh material adds some much-needed elasticity, allowing you to move more freely. With mesh boxer briefs, you can bring your A-game every single time.

Breathability: Comfort and fit should be your biggest priority when shopping for underwear styles. Nothing feels worse than having a hot, stuffy, and sweaty groin area. Why settle for an underwear that deprives your groin of oxygen circulation when you can go with mesh boxer briefs? Mesh allows heat transfer, making you cool down there all day long.

Ultra-Soft Texture: Underwear made out of low-quality material can seem like dead weight to your groin area and can even cause some rashes on your skin. Soft Mesh boxer briefs normally have minimal contact fit with your skin, giving you the illusion that you aren’t even wearing underwear. 

Lightweight Qualities: On top of its remarkably soft texture, mesh underwear is also known for being a light form of material. This characteristic makes it arguably the most soft and snug boxer briefs available on the market today. If that doesn’t convince you, try it to believe it.

FRIGO Mesh Boxer Briefs

Although a lot of men’s clothing manufacturers offer mesh boxer briefs, you should go for a brand that has established a solid reputation in the industry. FRIGO is a patented clothing system that originated from Sweden. All styles of FRIGO underwear is known to eliminate skin-to-skin contact. Even more impressive is that it adjusts to the user’s anatomy in practically less than a minute, a testament to FRIGO's innovative technology.

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How Mesh Boxer Briefs Maker, FRIGO, Started

Peter Soderstrom, a Swedish inventor, created FRIGO in 2000. FRIGO is a revolutionary athletic undergarment that provides support, comfort, and ventilation to men in high-performance environments.

Upon its release, FRIGO exceeded all expectations. It instantly became popular among Swedish athletes and global sports stars as a non-endorsed item. Numerous sportsmen decided to wear FRIGO gear for a simple reason: it meets their demands. Soon after, they were joined by other professionals and entrepreneurs who enjoyed the performance benefits of FRIGO, may it be on the field or inside the office. 

FRIGO’s success eventually garnered a wider audience, so RevolutionWear™ was born. The company was founded out of passion for FRIGO and its possibilities. To make sure that FRIGO’s reputation is upheld, RevolutionWear™ focuses on product integrity, innovation, and performance.

Meet Our Brand Partners, Mesh Boxer Briefs Spokespeople

“Insanely comfortable. I will never go back.” – 50 Cent

“From the studio to the stage and everywhere in between, my FRIGOs are on.” – Timbaland 

“FRIGO is perfect for when I am on the court and off, incredibly comfortable.” – Carmelo Anthony

Choose Your Category, Like Mesh Boxer Briefs

When it comes to adjustable underwear for men, FRIGO is among the most trusted names in the world. Whether you are looking for custom-fit boxer briefs or athletic undergarments, we have you covered. We also carry men’s pouch underwear.

Everyday Wear For Men - Mesh Boxer Briefs

Gone are the days when you have to settle for undergarments that are too loose, too tight, or simply do not fit. Upgrade to FRIGO classic underwear.

  • FRIGO CoolMax*

It can be difficult to find high-quality underwear that can be used in any season. At FRIGO, we have the solution! The FRIGO CoolMax fabric will keep you comfortable regardless of the weather condition. It will keep you cool on hot days and warm on cold days.

  • FRIGO Modal*

The FRIGO Modal combines our undergarments’ top features and technologies with the outstanding luxury of modal cotton construction. These boxer briefs are manufactured using ultra-soft combed cotton fabric and features our signature ergonomic design, making for an undergarment that you would be happy to wear any day of the week.


The FRIGO MESH is engineered to keep you cool and snug all day long. This is the perfect underwear for men that travel a lot and are always on the move.


This signature FRIGO gear is made with 100% natural fibers to keep men cooler, drier, and more comfortable than traditional underwear. TENCEL is a specialty fiber that features an oceanic skin care complex called “chitosan.” It is 50% more absorbent than cotton and helps promote healthy skin.

Activewear For Men - Mesh Boxer Briefs

In addition to athletic shoes and jerseys, FRIGO also offers sports wear that can take your performance to the next level. Whether you are an exercise enthusiast or a professional athlete, our undergarments are ideal for you.

  • FRIGO Sport

This boxer brief is specifically designed to provide you with optimal comfort and support throughout the day. The FRIGO Sport’s micro-stretch construction moves with you, keeping its shape even after numerous washings.

  • FRIGO CoolMax*

Perform at your best, regardless of the weather. Our CoolMax technology moves moisture away from your body and transfers it throughout the fabric. This process helps keep you cool and dry during hot days. In addition to that, the fiber structures of our CoolMax boxer briefs offer insulation on cold days.


For men with active lifestyles, regular soft underwear might not provide enough airflow. Make sure that you stay cool and comfortable with the FRIGO MESH boxer brief.

*These select FRIGO products are available to shop in multipacks. Shop now for additional details about our excellent product packages.

Experience The FRIGO Difference In Mesh Boxer Briefs For Yourself

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