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The specialty fiber TENCEL features an oceanic skin care complex (chitosan) that promotes healthy skin. 50% more absorbent than cotton, FRIGO Tencel is made of 100% natural fibers to keep you cooler, drier and more comfortable.

After substantial testing and countless double blind studies, physical therapists have discovered that FRIGO RevolutionWear provides more comfort, less perspiration, and lasts longer than any undergarment on the market.
When it comes to pure performance FRIGO has been battle tested, by scientists, athletes, and the everyday user. What we have found is that FRIGO, keeps Customers cool, comfortable, and in control no matter the situation.

- Dr. Jerry Charlesworth
PhD Physical Performance Systems


Small 28 - 31 71 - 77
Medium 32 - 34 78 - 87
Large 35 - 37 88 - 95
XL 38 - 40 96 - 103
XXL 41 - 43 103 - 109


Why is FRIGO® a patented product and what makes it so special?

RevolutionWear patented the FRIGO® Zone, which is the first ever pouch system that couples specially engineered support with unique cooling properties for optimal comfort. The FRIGO® Zone comprises a netted pouch and the proprietary FRIGO® soft lock adjustment system. Made with technical fabrics, the pouch adjusts from both ends to ensure optimal comfort, and provides unparalleled support. In addition, the pouch uniquely features a specially designed cooling barrier with comfort fabrics. As for the soft lock adjustment enables an individualized fit, and more control over the position of the crotch.

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